Thursday, December 8, 2016

Priority Blog Request: Bizarre Bio (Weather) Warfare

Q. has an article entitled “Bizarre ‘Bio Warfare” Storm Kills Five in Kuwait,” which is alarming.  Here’s the URL:  As everyone can read, a similar storm hit Australia November 21, 2016, with six deaths resulting and 9,000 people entering the hospital.  Government officials are trying to calm everyone by labeling this sickness as “thunderstorm asthma.”  I’m incredulous.  Are they kidding?

May I quote from the article?

“Emergency officials described the scene like ‘150 bombs going off,’ and at the height of the emergency, someone was dialing 9-1-1 for an ambulance every 4.5 seconds as people en mass began having asthma and heart attacks.  Emergency services were so overwhelmed in Melbourne, they ran out of ambulances and even other emergency vehicles like fire trucks and police cars, and they were forced to use non-emergency vehicles. One girl reportedly died in her families arms on their front lawn waiting for an ambulance."

My questions are:

What is in this weather/storm producing this sickness?
A. I first see that it looks like it has a heavy metal component that when ingested, the body cannot purge fast enough.  It appears there was a perfect atmospheric condition, and when chemtrails combined with the atmosphere, it created a super concentration of this toxin (they could not dissipate or dilute down as they normally do).  (I get the PTW (Powers That Once Were) are still learning how to manipulate both the weather AND the disposition of people, so the population becomes the test subjects.)  It looks like when this sickness started there was either a large rain storm or several smaller ones close together, and the moisture is what brought the toxins down to the populace, and they were basically inhaled causing this sickness. 

The body, specifically the liver, went in to overdrive trying to get this out of their body, but it was too much over too short of a time.  The body systems sort of went haywire trying to get these toxins out, and I see even more than just asthma and heart conditions.  I get that for some the toxins affected the neurological system, for some it attacked the digestive system, but for most it affected the circulatory system by decreasing the amount of oxygen the blood was able to hold (hence the asthma and cardio issues and I see that O2 levels were very low for those that were tested).  

Is this the beginning of “weather warfare” in the truest sense of the words?
A. I hear "We are way past the beginning.  This has been in development and practiced for years."  

Is this the beginning of a worldwide pandemic?
A. I get it isn't a true pandemic because it isn't caused from a virus or bacteria.  It is a man made recipe that was put into specific geographic locations (I hear in these cases to test creating a docile effect).  It cannot spread, and is not contagious.  It is truly the result of toxic filled chemtrails.

What can people do physically and spiritually to prepare and defend themselves and families?
A. Keeping your immune system in check and purging as many toxins and free radicals as possible is the best way to start.  I get that if you are as healthy as can be, when you are confronted with living under chemtrails, you body can purge the toxins more easily.  I get that Hawaiian Spirulina, lemon water and CoQ10 are some things to help keep your system clean. Also, going a least one or two days a week without consuming animal products allows you system an opportunity to heal itself because resources aren't being pulled to the digestive system. [I do need to disclose I am not a doctor, so this is truly from an intuitive perspective.  Always trust your intuition.]

Spiritually, many things are mind over matter.  If you see a chemtrail, think to yourself that your body works in perfect harmony and it will purge what is not necessary.  If you put positive thought and trust into your body, it will preform as it should (and if you get angry and irritated, you can manifest those results too).  Stay educated and be aware.  It is normal to feel frustrated and upset (we are all human), but let it pass and don't let it become your focal point to where is brings down your vibration.

I don’t, in any way, want to generate fear, Lynn, but we live in strange times and need to face the truth and to take whatever steps we can and need.  Please delve into the subject psychically only in so far as you feel comfortable.  Thank you very much, Lynn.

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Hive Consciousness

Q. Could you tell see whether or not human consciousness is evolving into a hive mentality as opposed to each mind being separate and unique?  I came across this thought recently when I read about an opera being performed somewhere and the theater had set aside a block of seats for millennials (which was designed for them to tweet each other about the opera).  I cannot personally conceive of going to an opera and wanting to do this myself, nor can I figure out how it would not distract me from enjoying the performance.  This may be a good topic for one of your public blogs one of these days.  
A. We as a society are evolving and moving into a new time.  I do see a subconscious "hive" mentality, and that "hive" is being separated into three separate groups (and the Universe is trying hard to sync them together).  These different groups aren't specific to age, gender, race, etc, but rather a mental and spiritual state of mind.  One group is composed of the free thinkers that are seeking truth.  They are starved for knowledge, sharing energy and are open to new ideas and realize there is something more out there than what is in our face (even if they haven't found it).  They may feel "alone in a crowd" until they find another like-minded person (that may or may not share the same belief system, but is at least willing to listen and open themselves to new possibilities.  

I see a second group coming together of people that subconsciously may have nudges to question things, but they have had the same belief system for so long they cannot risk the discomfort associated with changing their paradigm to explore something challenging.  Once people got down a "rabbit hole" looking at information / news, you cannot undo (or un-learn) what you learned, so it is easier to avoid the topic in question or even focus on defending your comfortable beliefs (whether they are right/wrong, good/bad or indifferent).  

Rather than label the next group as "millennials" (because even though this group does share a majority of the same generation, not everyone in this generation contains the same perspective).  I see a group emerging that feels very distant from people on a humanistic level.   I see them buried in their electronics, very savvy with technology, but disconnected from people.  It is easier to interact electronically versus a face to face (even phone) interaction.  I also get that because more people are emerging in the first two groups the PTW (Powers That Once Were) are really driving this.  The PTW want people on their devices so they can "program"  them.  A society that is focused on materialism (I get subliminal messages are sent via TV, media and ads are done all the time) and instant gratification (ease of getting things now) is less apt to ponder and challenge grander issues

And please keep in mind that not everyone fits into one group and stays there.  The lines can blur (depending on what type of information or knowledge you are seeking).  It is very possible to be open to ideas about some things and rigid in thinking about a few (but the gap is closing).  I also see it possible to have an "ah ha" or "wake-up" moment that forces a certain level of awakening.  I am reminded it is important to remember that we not only learn from those that have the same opinion, we learn through acknowledging and seeing other views as well.  If you agree with someone, you can enhance knowledge, but disagreeing also provides valuable perspectives. 

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-

Saturday, December 3, 2016

Alternative Treatments & Healings for Mesothelioma

[I was contacted by, and they wanted to write an article informing people on mesothelioma and alternative treatments. I found this interesting and informative. I am hopeful you will enjoy and even use this information to help someone you know. Much love, Lynn]

Article by: Ashley Stafford, Community Outreach Volunteer

Alternative mesothelioma treatments are non-conventional treatment approaches for mesothelioma. When alternative treatments and conventional treatments are used together, they form complementary treatments. Basically, most alternative treatments for mesothelioma are alternative medicines, integrative treatments or complementary medicine. Alternative medicine is any non-traditional treatment that replaces traditional medicine. Integrative treatment also sometimes referred to as a type of therapy refers to approaches like yoga, reiki and spiritual healing.
Complementary medicine on the other hand refers to treatment approaches that are used alongside traditional treatments to enhance treatment.
Here are some of the major alternative treatments that might benefit mesothelioma patients:
Ayurvedic Medicine
The basis of ayurvedic medicine is the traditional Hindu and Indian beliefs that the overall health of a person has a direct tie with imbalance. Although some mesothelioma patients have reported pain relief after using ayurdic strategies and supplements, more research is required to determine whether they are actually effective. Nevertheless, some studies have shown that ayurvedic medicine has minimal effectiveness when it comes to reduction or elimination of mesothelioma cancers. Generally, ayurvedic medicine includes advice on special diets, taking ayurvedic medicine, relaxation and breathing techniques among others. An ayurvedic practitioner suggests the most appropriate treatment depending on the health condition of the patient.
Herbal medicines
Herbs have been used to heal the mind and the body for many years. When backed by information and research, herbal medicines provide an important adjunct to mesothelioma treatment. In several cases, antioxidants have been proven effective in preventing and treating illnesses including cancer. For instance, mint tea helps patients with stomach issues. Chamomile enhances relaxation. Ginger on the other hand helps with nausea. Nevertheless, it is important that mesothelioma patients use herbal products cautiously. Unlike over-the-counter and prescription drugs, most herbal products are not regulated. Therefore, these products can cause harm when used inappropriately.  
Spiritual therapies
Being diagnosed with any form of mesothelioma can prompt patients to question their belief system or faith. Spiritual therapy focuses on supporting the patient’s belief as well as their individual right to evaluate and question those beliefs. Spiritual therapies for mesothelioma include religious ceremonies, rituals, counseling, engaging in different religious and spiritual practices as well as learning to be mindful and present. Spiritual therapy may require guidance of a pastor, rabbi, or priest. It can also be self-directed. This alternative therapy should be approached in a manner that is supportive and sensitive to the spiritual values of the patient. Although there are numerous studies on this approach to mesothelioma treatment, the topic has not been generalized since it is personalized to every patient.
This is a form of spiritual healing but patients heal through the management of body energy. The focus of this treatment is on the use of palm healing. Patients manipulate energies while lying on their hands. These energies are believed to contribute to their healing and overall health. Although reiki has not been proven effective in treating mesothelioma directly, it promotes relaxation thereby benefiting the patient indirectly and directly at the same time.
Alternative or complementary mesothelioma treatment options comfort patients while providing certain benefits. Understanding each alternative mesothelioma treatment before you try it is very important. It is also important that you talk to your doctor about the alternative medicines and therapies that you want to try in order to make the best, most informed decision to improve not just the health in your body, but in your mind, soul, and spirit. YouTube Channel: 

Friday, December 2, 2016

Priority Blog Request: More on Hollow Earth

Q. Hi! Good to talk to you again! I have an interesting reading request that other people may be interested in, so that’s why I’m making it a blog request.

I have found some maps of Agartha (hollow earth) and read reports about civilizations down there.. I cannot determine which one is correct. I read all of your posts regarding the beings who live down there and what it looks like. I would like to connect it all and get an idea. (Kind of like putting a name to a face, etc.)
What I’m interested in is… if a human was to go through the pyramid of Giza entrance, what kind of beings would they encounter on the other end, and so forth. Admiral Byrd came through the top opening and had an encounter with higher beings that seemed human and were very intelligent—perhaps that was the Nordics in the upper area? The dero caves… I wonder who lives in there?  These are the kind of questions that come to mind.
A. I get Admiral Bryd encountered several strange experiences.  On one adventure he traveled through a zone that sort of created a  "slip in time" where what was seen was of a much different time line (like seeing animals that are now extinct, etc).  He also witnessed some oddities tied to the Antarctic (which supports a hypothesis of the earth being a flat, thick disk and there is a darker "far side of the earth" just as there is a "far side of the moon." - I then hear "as above, so below"...) and realizing many thing we know and accept as truth are learned based on word of mouth and not first hand, factual experience (we are easily led astray).  Bryd was a great adventurer, and he did indeed locate an entrance (looks like a dark, concave hole) to the "Hollow Earth."

In tuning into the hollow earth, I see a variety of beings that live there.  Some are human, others are how I have described Nordics (which also have a base on the moon) and others look like insectoids (or ant beings).   Different beings looks to have different status levels in this world.  The Nordics are the highest level (then I hear "at least that is what they want me to think"???), and the insectoids and humans sort of battle it out for control beneath them.  The insectoids try to rule the humans and make humans their slaves, but many groups of humans have learned to work with the insectoids as equals (then I hear the humans have mastered the art of making the insectoids feel in control, even though they really aren't).  It looks as though this world suffers some of the same social struggles that we do, but the Nordics has risen to the top and don't participate in it (virtually like having two different worlds coexisting).

Q. This map (to the right) has to be the most interesting one—but I’m afraid it is fictional. It’s a great example of what I am trying to do though.  What are your thoughts?
A.   I am slightly conflicted here.  I get that this is really an image of ancient day Lemuria rather than the Hollow Earth.  This is factual, but based on a different location and time frame.???

Q. This map (below) is written in different languages so its hard for me to determine if it is correct or not, but some people think it shows that Garden of “Eden” resides in the center, and the four rivers dividing it are the same ones in the bible. If the map is correct, where do the Nordics, reptilians, human slaves, insectoids all live? I know the insectoid beings reside mostly under Mt. Shasta, and some other areas, but I don’t know where that is on this map. 
A.  I first get that the surface area on the inside is different than the outside, there there isn't a one to one ratio with the outside.  The Hollow portion is much smaller.  I get that the area below Mt. Shasta is shown on the northern central location.  I see the humans more in the central region where the four rivers intersect.  The Nordics reside mainly on the eastern portion.  It is important to know that the mingling of species doesn't have an exact border so any of these beings can be found anywhere, just not in as concentrated of groups. 

And that is all I have for this reading.  I look forward to your comments and insight.  Love and light-