Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Continuation of Remote Viewing Post

(The following is a question that was asked in the comments.  I thought it deserved it's own post, so.....)

Q. This remote viewer guy also did a few other views.  One of them is about reincarnation ( and it was shocking. According to what he and his team had viewed, there was a battle in the far past between aliens.  The winners have some kind of domain over this solar system, and use it as a resource where we, human souls, are trapped here on earth due to an "artificial mechanism" whose sole purpose is to prevent the souls from leaving.  Therefore, we are forced into reincarnation ever since into a new body here while our memory is wiped out along this process. 

Lynn, could you do a read on this? It sounds a bit weird, I know, but there are many more details and some resemble your past readings that are available on your blog.

A.  I have seen similar things regarding a battle on and around earth.  Earth used to be an oasis and full of resources.  There are several portals near, to and from earth which made earth even more desirable.  It is fairly easy for ETs to get here, and once here it made for a good stopping point and a location for bases.  

Thousands and thousands of years ago some ETs started to get greedy, and rather than share earth the way it was currently done, they decided they wanted to take ownership.  There were cat ETs, dog ETs, bird ETs and reptilian ETs.  A battle over earth started to ensue, and it was a huge battle.  I cannot see it on earth (they didn't want to destroy the very thing they wanted to acquire), but mostly occurred in the air.  

It looks like it would have been difficult for any one race to win, so they started to make deals and form alliances.  There feels like a lot of going back and forth, to come up with a deal.  The end result was the reptilians could stay on earth if they went underground.  They were to watch over things on the surface, and keep things in balance.  If there was a situation where they felt they needed to interfere, they had to "get permission" in a sense from the humans.  They could not lie (but later became masters of the language so people didn't even realize what they were hearing or even saying in their everyday speech).  The truth is always in plain sight (only lies need to be covered up).  [As a side note, I hear "people should always listen with their eyes."]

The cat and dog ETs retreated back to there star systems in Orion's Belt.  They were banished in a sense and were not to interfere in the progression and evolution of humans UNLESS the humans ask for it.  The avian ETs also left, but they feel to return in some kind of cyclical pattern (almost how a comet completes a loop and comes back).  

The reptilian ETs, started to get really arrogant, and since no one was close to stop them, some came above ground and began to control the humans.  Some even bread with the humans, but were very selective, and wanted to keep a purity to their newer human/reptilian species (creating much of the PTW / Powers That Were lineage).  

Since there is an element of people needing to grant permission to be under reptilian rule, the reptilians need to suppress the awakening process. People becoming enlightened threaten their ability to control.  As a society, people are starting to expand their thought, question things and their subconscious is more active than ever.  Part of the design was to have people go to the cleansing light upon death to start the reincarnation process.  The thought was to have them incarnate with a fresh perspective, only holding on to residual DNA memories, but the real motive is to prevent a continuation of the awakening that started in the previous life.  The difference is now people are awakening much faster due to the increased subconscious activity.  People are becoming hip to the loop and starting to see things for what they are, causing fear in the reptilians.  Their era is coming to an end.

Earth is now in some exciting times.  The emergence of a 4D earth is being born, and many humans are ascending.  There are waves of energy constantly bombarding earth.  This activity is drawing the ETs in with staggering numbers.  The same rules apply to these ETs too- they need our permission to have direct involvement (or they are working in violation of Universal Laws).  They will intervene when necessary to avoid the total destruction of the planet (such as in Yellowstone), but cannot completely reveal themselves until disclosure (and permission) is granted. 

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light, 

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Sunday, April 15, 2018

Michael Cohen Raid

Q. Hi Lynn, could you do a reading concerning the FBI raid on President Trump's lawyer, Michael Cohen? Were the FBI justified in doing so, or was this move motivated by the PTW (Power That Were)? Also, what ramifications do you see this having. Thank you Lynn

(I know political posts often trigger emotions, so I will do my best to keep this to the point.  I've received many emails and have seen some requests come through the blog. )
A.  When I tune into this, I do get the PTW (Powers That Were) are the main driving force behind this.  They are so desperate to take down Trump, I hear "if we can't take down the man, we'll take down everyone around him."  They also want to take down someone important to Trump as retribution for Trump's attack on the deep state.  Cohen was one of Trump's most trusted advisers, and it will really hurt Trump to have Cohen put in a position where he can't come to his aid and provide legal counsel.  

As I look at Cohen, it looks like a variety of items will come under question.  It looks like a few legitimate things were found (not enough for a criminal charge, but rather some kind of questioning, statement or leave???).  There feels like a frustration in the lack of what was found, so the FBI with the help of the media, spun the evidence into something much more than it was. 

Like many attorney/client relationships, secrets and truths are disclosed.  The PTW knew if they could conjure up a reason to seize some evidences and files on Trump, they may find something they could use against him.  The backup plan was to trap Cohen in a criminal situation, and try to work some kind of a "deal" requiring Cohen to go against Trump to save himself.

There will be some ramifications from this.  It does look to rattle Trump, but he is resilient and seems to regroup rather quickly.  Cohen was a good confidant, and really helped Trump during some stressful times.  I get a major consequence of this will be Trump being even more driven to go after the PTW (and they don't even know what kind of war they started).  I hear "this is the straw that broke the camels back."

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-
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Friday, April 13, 2018

Remote Viewing Antarctica

Q. Beside Reptilians another big interest of mine is Antarctica.  I know you have done readings before,  but this remote viewing is particularly interesting as he describes some kind of possible healing that is rare to earth.  Please look at the remote viewer or the topic or both....

With Antarctica being so prominent in the news lately, Brett discusses a remote viewing project that he participated on, which focused on describing the most significant relics found on the continent. What he discovered might surprise you.

Antarctica: What is going on there?  It feels like a mystery. 
A. When I tune into Antarctica, it does have some special properties.  The Antarctic, which is the polar opposite of the north pole has several portals to outward realms and inward to the hollow earth.  (Regardless if the earth if flat or spherical, which is another topic for another reading, I see the Antarctic region being the inverse of the north pole, and the thickness of the earth supports the inner earth inhabitants).  
Pic of Healing Device

There have been a lot of ET activities on the surface of Antarctica.  I see pyramids beneath the ice.  Strangely, some look to be upright (the point is upward) and others are pointing down as if they were built into the ice.. (???)

Q. What can you say about Brett?  
A. He feels genuine and very gifted.  Sometimes when you are RVing (remote viewing) a location or situation, you see shapes, images, shadows, feel the energy / emotions of the environment, etc.  He was able to, in great detail, describe some advanced technology used for healing purposes.  He feels to work with the intent of educating and sharing information.

Q. What do you see about his remote viewing experience and this new healing technology? 
A. I see this advanced technology is possible and even probable in a parallel future timeline.  I cannot connect to it in our current day timeline, but most definitely see it being developed in a parallel future.  

This also feels tied to a time when the 4D earth is being inhabited. and see this technology being both used and very understood.  It looks as though this healing technology is gifted to the people from ET beings (plaiedians?).  It was bestowed to the humans living on Antarctica first because they are the closest inhabitants to the portal, AND the pyramids served as a beacon to draw them in.  It was viewed as a gift and a way to bless the "new" earth. 

Q. What do you see with the new healing technology?
A.  It does look to be effective.  I see the circle in the middle (pic is included) being a form of stone or crystal that draws energy in from the sun and universe (similar to the way Reiki comes to you).  It takes the energy, and converts it to a vibration and the wand (stick end) is placed on the body like a tuning fork.  From there, healing vibrations are used and transmitted to the person to enhance their own ability to self heal.  I see that people have to do repeated sessions, and the number of sessions varies with the illness.  It looks very effective, and will become a popular method of healing on our new Earth.

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-
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Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Hart Family

Q. Hi Lynn,  Thank you for your excellent blog.  It's always enjoyable to read.

I was wondering if you could/would look at the Hart family in California - Jennifer and Sarah Hart who had six adopted children, 5 black and one hispanic.  The SUV they were driving in in California went over the cliff and they were all killed, though three of the children are missing, apparently washed out to sea, unless they weren't in the vehicle.  It appears to be intentional.  The Harts, a lesbian couple, had been accused of abusing the children, beating them, withholding food.  

Was wondering what was going on with this situation, were the children (at least the girls) being sexually abused?  Was there anything darker, such as pornography on the Dark Web?  How was the couple getting their money (they had an almost $400,000 home yet only one was known to work as an assistant manager at Kohl's, which is a relatively low-paying job).  Also, was the SUV going off the cliff intentional and what led up to it?   One of the children, Hannah, was 12 but looked 7 and had her two front teeth missing.  The 'mothers' said she did not want them replaced, which seemed odd (the neighbor commented on this).  What caused the teeth to be missing and not replaced?  Was there anything more sinister to this?

A. When I tune into this, I feel overcome with an emotion of sadness and depression.  I get this isn't just tied to the actual event, but it was the vibration of the household.  I see that both of the adult women suffered from mental imbalances.  I hear the words "depression" and also "bipolar disorder" when I look at them.  I also see that the mothers weren't doing things to help themselves in terms of treatment (medical, alternative or otherwise), which created relationship issues with each other as well.    

I cannot see any sexual abuse, but there looks to have been some emotional and physical abuse.  It looks as though these ladies adopted the children to gain benefits (assistance, etc????), rather than out of pure desire (their intentions do not look heartfelt).  The "benefits" didn't pan out to be what they expected, causing more anger and resentment. They felt having a family would be easy, but the reality was much more difficult.  The kids were given what they barely needed including healthcare, and had to deserve or earn more than the bare minimum (the moms' definition of "barely needed" was loosely defined.)  

It looks as though the lead up to that day was fairly typical (in their terms of a "typical day").  It appears that a fight broke out in the vehicle while driving, and the kids, even though timid, were behaving in a way that the ladies felt they didn't appreciate what they had and the sacrifices made.  The littlest things (and kids being kids) would set off the adoptive parents.  The fight about the kids led to an argument between the women (their relationship had challenges too).  Something snapped, and to create fear "to show them" the driver intentionally (out of rage and not thinking about consequences) sped up and drove off this cliff.  This event doesn't look premeditated, but was purposeful at the time. 

As tragic as this is, I do see the children at peace.  They look to be unified in spirit, and I am shown the symbol of them all holding hands.  These kids feel free spiritually, emotionally and physically.  Even though what the kids lived through was horrible, and this event was terrible, they do look to feel at peace and calm now.

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-
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