Wednesday, October 18, 2017


Q. Can you please do a reading on the ElsaGate phenomenon? There is a huge amount of sick disturbing content on YouTube clearly targeted towards children (bright colors, cartoons). 

Many of these have the same themes and strangely look very similar. In trying to flag these videos I found that there are just too many of them. 

Please excuse the graphic images and language on the following videos, but this is important to see what is out there and what children are being exposed to:

Who is making these videos and what is the agenda?

A.    When I focus on this, I see a huge agenda that has been going on for a while now.  It looks to first start with Disney (and their movies), and then it merged to their television programming (and the word "programming" is key).  

As the Disney channel introduced new characters (such as Hannah Montana aka Miley Cyrus) and other shows tailored towards kids, the programming started to focus on parents that didn't know anything, mocking fathers and over sexualizing children.  The agenda of Disney (which gets support from the PTW Powers That Were) is to destabilize our country by destroying the family unit, and creating a dependence on the system.  This makes people vulnerable, and opens up many other making outlets (drugs, sex, pedophilia, etc).   

With the emergence of children having phones, tablets and other electronics, Disney (and their supporters) went the direction of YouTube as a new marketing tool for their agenda.  At a quick glance parents may think their child is watching something silly with Spiderman or other favorites, when in reality these are part of the disguise for a much darker subliminal and conscious message. Kids are being exposed to adult issues, leaving them desensitized to the seriousness of the message and also curious about things they are not emotionally ready to handle.  These videos create a situation where sex, drugs, drinking and inappropriate behavior is slowly being accepted, funny and even imitated.  The moral compass is being altered and it does not benefit our youth or our future.

Please be cautious of what your kids are watching.  So many things may seem innocent, but this type of agenda is being pushed on kids at an alarming rate. 

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-

(One final thought that came to me as I was closing this up is that YouTube claims to be on this, but they are owned in indirect ways by people that are pushing this.  Youtube is more concerned with scrubbing videos promoting free thought and expanding the mind...This is not the priority that it should be.)

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Wild Fires..

Q.  I just came across a post on social media that has many pictures of neighborhoods and houses after the recent California fires and there are some strange anomalies as far as I can see. It looks like whole blocks are turned to ash and yet there are some green trees interspersed between the decimated houses. Very strange. Usually there is some semblance of the structures left, but there is row after row of flat land covered in white dust. Strangely reminiscent of the debris from when the towers disintegrated. What's going on here?

I will second Craig's request. I would love for you to look into the California fires. Seeing pictures of streams of melted aluminum from car wheels. . .but running down asphalt that isn't melted in the least. And disappeared houses--now just white ash--with not even a ceramic bathtub or granite countertop or even a chimney remaining. . .yet the plastic garbage cans out front are untouched. Yes, very reminiscent of the twin towers where microwave weapons (according to Dr. Judy Wood and others) may have been used. Who is really behind what is happening? And what is the agenda? Karl Mollison, in a recent channeling (interviewed by Denny Hunt), said it's from off planet. What do you get, Lynn?

Q.  [I have had a lot of requests / emails on this, so I did want to address it, but it feels best to keep it somewhat brief). 

When I tune into this, I get this was a form of arson.  It looks like prior to the onset of fires special "chemtrails" were released that contained unstable / semi-flammable chemicals that peppered over the area.  On the ground there was a small team of ex-military, privately hired people used to detonate special (I think it is said "thermite bombs"?).  The bombs were detonated in very specific areas, and certain times, resulting in these fire storms.  

I ask, Why California?  Why is this a target?  
I get there has been a lot of talk of California becoming independent which is being supported by both strong people and rogue members of Hollywood.  This situation is compounded by the divide emerging between those that want to break away from Hollywood and the agenda (that is stronger now more than ever), and those that are controlling and following the agenda.   The PTW (Powers That Were) need California to stay a part of the US to keep their desired control and influence over US politics (and federal reserve policies).  This feels like a punishment and message telling those that are trying to defy the PTW (Powers That Were) that they will obey, and if they don't they need to recognize the power, influence and force they hold.  

Please take a moment to send some healing love and light to the people of California!

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-

Here are a few articles I found after the reading.. I do encourage everyone to do their own research to see what resonates with you.  I am anxious to read the discussion in remarks. :-)

Monday, October 16, 2017

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

Q. Lynn, can you do a reading on Meghan Markle, the attractive and talented actress whom Prince Harry of England has been dating for the last year? She is a different choice for him because she is not British (which has certainly devastated the hearts of millions of young British women who had dreams of marrying a prince) and she is also a mixed-race woman from normal, American middle-class origins. She was also a UN Women Ambassador in 2015 apparently before she met Prince Harry.

Interestingly though, it has been revealed by her extended family that, through her father's lineage, Meghan is descended from a woman, Mary Bird, who was a maid in the British Palace in the late 1800s. Is it possible that Meghan Markle is the descendant of this maid and a Royal, who's latent royal bloodline is now being called in, you might say, to appease the non-wealthy public and especially the African-American community, tricking us all into thinking a woman from amongst us has made it into the Royal Family?

A.  When I tune into this I get that depending on what is politically and economically happening, members of the royal family are given choices as to who is a suitable partner.  They may have a few choices and sometimes they only have "one" choice.  I see that with the direction of the world, and trying to be more inclusive, the royal family is looking outside their normal constraints, and chose Meghan as a potential partner.  

The royal family is losing favorability, and also under some scrutiny, so they are trying to "boost their ratings."  The more people look at the activities at Buckingham Palace, the more they want to deflect and show how they welcome other people.

Throughout time there have been members of the monarchy that have had undisclosed affairs, and even children.  In the past when unplanned pregnancies occurred, the mother was taken care of during and after the pregnancy in exchange for complete confidentiality.  I hear "the mother and child will want for nothing."

It does look as though during Mary Bird's term she did get pregnant, creating a child that was a hybrid of royal and non-royal blood.  In some way the "royal" portion feels dormant until called upon.  With each generation, even though the bloodline became slightly more diluted, it was there.  Meghan too has this royal line in her DNA; however, it is in a "dormant" feeling status.  Should Harry chose her (and he has pressure to do so), the steps will be taken to awaken this part of her DNA (family gatherings, ceremonies, subliminally, etc).  

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Random Read for the Weekend

Q. Hi Lynn, I wanted to know if you could focus on this case as it is one of the most amazing stories I've come across in a while. In 1994 at the Ariel school in Ruwa, Zimbabwe, Africa, more than 60 school children witnessed a UFO land in their playground field. They say they witnessed several ET's exit the craft and communicate with them telepathically. Here's the video link for a documentary trailer.

I would like to know who were the ET's that day and why did they decide to reveal themselves? Have they ever come back?

A.  When I tune into this, I get the ship was around in a cloaked state for several days before it showed itself.  I get you could see it like a mirage in the desert if you looked at it just right, but the majority of the time it stayed hidden.  I hear that the ship was on a "rescue mission." 

This area of the world looks to have a lot of struggle (politically, economically, etc???).  I also see that there is a large amount of youth as part of the demographic (??).  The combination of the youth (newer souls) and struggle (negativity) created some kind of beacon that attracted the ETs their direction (need help, vulnerable..).  

As the UFO and ETs emerged they planned to take some of the children, however, the children resisted.  The children were curious, skeptical and didn't want to go.  Then, I hear the ETs "set the snooze alarm" and will be back to check in on how these kids are doing.  This truly felt like some kind of rescue mission.

I ask, Who are these ETs? and I get they are a relative of the Greys (a branch of them).  They feel gentler and kinder (still lack a lot of emotion, but recognize humans have it).  I also see they are trying to make a hybrid community that is part human DNA and part ET, but want it created out of desire and not out of forcefulness.  

Q. Hi Lynn,  
Do demons exist? If so, what are they?  Thanks.

A.  Very strong low vibrational beings do exist.  They are connected to the reptilian DNA line.  They have chosen not to ascend, but rather incarnate over and over in this low vibe zone to essentially master all of the lower level functions.  I then hear that they reside on the dark side of the yin yang (?).

A phrase comes to me as I tap into this, and that is "Even in the darkest of dark it can't stay dark in the presence of light.  Be the light and nothing dark can't touch you."

Q.  Euphoria from CONTROL... But why?!  
When you and other intuitives say the reason that the PTW disrupt everyone's lives with disasters, false flags, and all the negativity is to keep us fighting, divided and controlled , WHY would they not want to just live happy peaceful lives in a much more heavenly type earth without all this power? Meaning why would a person want so much control or to control the whole world?  Why does power and even killing feel euphoric to them? Is it in their DNA, if so WHO put it in the DNA and why would THAT entity feel pleasure from power and negativity? If it's because of contracts why would source/love create those contracts? Isn't the original state of everything "love"? Is it source that wants to experience all of this negativity or is it each individual soul ?

Every person I talk to says I just want to be happy, I would rather be happy then have power, and hurting others definitely wouldn't make them happy. What is wrong with those individuals in the PTW? They seem backwards.

A.  The PTW (Powers That Were) feel and live in the illusion of happiness through their power and control.  Being a bully, manipulating people into what they want, feeling control and having influence releases a dopamine response creating a euphoric feeling.  This "feeling" creates a false sense of happiness.  To them that "false happiness" is all they need and disregard the true, fulfilling, spiritual and genuine feeling of bliss.

Q.  Hello Lynn.  
Could you do a reading on what is happening in Catalonia? I would like to know what are the roots of the conflict between Catalonia and Spain, and what do we have to do heal this conflict.  Thank you.
A.  The path to Catalonia breaking from Spain does look to be successful, but Spain is going to put up a fight using any legal means possible to try to block it.  It looks like Catalonia would be a successful, and economically prosperous country once they gain their independence.  Spain feels as though it drags Catalonia down (I see it like an image of an anchor on a ship). There feels like an unequal balance here (I see an image of scales tipping). 

Spain ultimately wants Catalonia to give up the fight, and I see this coming back like a cyclical pattern until it gets resolved.  It appears that the people will need to fight through the challenges (and i know it is easier said than done as some of the peaceful protests have ended not so peaceful).  Working as a collective and putting intent to have this resolved smoothly is the best mental place to reside.  I also hear that a lot can change in a little time, so what feels to last forever can really be just a blip in time.   

Q. Recently, there have been reports of Canadian and American diplomats in Cuba being assaulted with microwaves or sound waves. Many have become ill. The Cubans deny they are responsible. Who is responsible and what is happening to them? Why are they being assaulted?  
Thanks for your blog Lynn.
A.  The Cubans do feel like they are behind these attacks (being instigated and funded by Russia).  It has to do with some feelings of implied treatment (or lack thereof).  This looks to be a vibrational attack (dealing with a certain hertz) that is funneled and directed toward the victim.  It attacks the neurological system, causing irritation that results in inflammation and then manifests into other symptoms.  It looks like it is completely reversible, but the person needs removed from the situation.

Q. Hi and thanks for this reading: With what happened in Las Vegas, which is very sad, the following link in will give you an idea of what is also going on Puerto Rico... 
I mean this also is US territory but apparently nobody cares about whats really going on there! Worth a reading Lynn?
A. When I tune into this, the first thing I get is the phrase "they want them to pledge allegiance."  As I take a moment to determine what that means, it appears that some investors (has a PTW vibe or association) are pushing for Puerto Rico to make some kind of deal (even more than they already have) with the US (or other investors) in exchange for aid and rebuilding.  It also feels like the weather manipulation was intentional to put Puerto Rico (which is a beautiful country was vast tourism) in a vulnerable position.  I see the territory being eventually absorbed as a new state (hence pledging allegiance to the flag) with numerous investment opportunities, or being purchased and absorbed by another well established country.  

The US looks to realize this is on the horizon, and is wanting to halt it's efforts of assistance until the "agreement" is established and the true ownership of the country is validated (because the new owner or absorbing country will be the ones responsible for the structural and economic rebuilding).  The US doesn't want to do the rebuild only to have Puerto Rico side with someone else. Puerto Rico feels to be in a very sad and hopeless situation, and could use all the healing and positive energy you can send.