Monday, December 11, 2017

Argentine Submarine

Q.  Thank you, Lynn, for all your insights! You're the BEST!  My love with you started with a missing Malaysian plane, now we have a missing Argentine submarine. I suppose, it is a similar event. Could you, please, describe if a crew has transformed to other dimension safely, or all have died? Is that area another multidimensional portal? Do satellites and military radars provide true answers to scientists about such 'missing' events, or it still remains 'unexplained' to modern science? And in a memory of Malaysian plane, can you still see anything about remaining servitors in that timeline?
A.  When I tune into this I snap to an image of this submarine being deep underwater and the GPS started to glitch.  It appears there was a magnetic disruption that interfered with the GPS signal.  When their GPS lost reliability, they tried to surface (that can improve the signal??), but they weren't able to reach the surface.  

It doesn't look like one big explosion, but rather a chain reaction of events.  It first started with the electronic glitches (which has a vibe of being man made by a HAARP type device, but doesn't look to be driven by the US???).  Within moments they realized all their electronic, communication and navigation systems were down.  Then, the oxygen exchange appeared to quit working properly, and the crew eventually lost consciousness and passed way due to the lack of O2 .  

Following the above events, the submarine sank.  It diverted off course by up to 75-100 miles before it met it's final resting place. I cannot see them being able to "ping" anything as the electrical system fully shut down at the time it went down...

I don't see a portal being located in this area.  It really looks like an energetic "beam" was directed at this submarine remotely.  Radars and satellites are helpful tools in the first round of searching, but in the event there was a time slip or transference into another reality, radars and satellites provide little assistance as the other dimension vibrates at a different frequency that isn't seen on our 3D earthly devices. 

The Malaysian plane... I haven't tuned into this situation for many months, but in quickly looking I cannot see any of the survivors in the holding space, but I do feel the residual emotions of fear and chaos.  I get most of what was forecasted to happen didn't, and plans constantly had to be revised.  Eventually, when the survivors were no longer needed, they were slowly put to rest.  (I'm so sorry to report this, and my heart goes out to the families.)

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Please take a moment and send love and light to these families during this difficult time. -Lynn 

Friday, December 8, 2017

Homeopathy and Western Medicine

(The following is a question that I think most people can relate to at some point in their life, including myself...It felt important, and I wanted to address it.. Please keep in mind I am not a doctor, and everything I get comes from an intuitive perspective.  Listen to your intuition as well as you encounter these dilemmas in life with your loved ones, or yourself.  Love and light, Lynn)

Q. I try to be as natural as I can in terms of healing.  There have been times when I have needed to submit and take traditional medicine due to an illness (auto-immune issues).  I get torn between healing through homeopathic means and feeling the need at times to take big pharma drugs.  I hope my question / concern comes off clear.  I have real internal battles with this.  How does the Universe see this?
A.  When I tune into this I get the goal of the Universe is to work in balance.  It isn't a (homeopathic) good versus (western medicine) bad, or light versus dark, the focus of the Universe is how things harmonize and balance with each other.  An underlying driving force to help you find balance in a situation you feel conflicted in is the intent you put on your "tool" to heal regardless of it being homeopathic or western medicine.  

It is true that homeopathy is more gentle on the body, working with natural vibrations, but it can take time and require patience to work.  In certain situations that you feel you don't have time (like when something is aggressive, you can't coordinate the right homeopathy, or an infection is severe) there may be a time and place that western medicine is necessary for best health and healing.  

Back to the intent...  When your goal is to be homeopathic, and you find yourself directed toward western medicine, don't allow it to affect you negatively, but rather focus on the positive intent you can tie to it.  For example, when you take a medicine, think to yourself "thank you for this tool and allow it to heal" rather than thinking "I'm sick or ill."  Don't use the medicine as a reminder of illness, but rather visualize the wellness that is to come.  

Overall, I feel the grander message of the Universe is to take care of yourself, and use your environment to heal when you can.  If you come across a situation that you cannot seem to remedy, and feel like western medicine may be the best choice, don't beat yourself up.  Use positive intent with your medicine (create a harmony) as your work toward a better balance of health and well-being.

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-

Thursday, December 7, 2017

PRIORITY BLOG REQUEST: Atlanta Mayoral Election

Q. Two Candidates, Keisha Lance Bottoms and Mary Norwood just had a run off election. The vote difference was about 750 votes with Keisha Lance Bottoms winning and 18,000 more people voting this year than in 2009 when Mary Norwood last ran for election and she lost by about 700 votes.

Can you explore what motivated this many more people to vote? As background: I recall the 2009 election seem to have people more energized (I know I was!) and going to vote than this election so it is surprising this many more people voted, unless solely due to population increase.
A.  I get that there was a certain amount of tampering done to increase the votes in favor of Keisha.  It looks like people were not only bused in, higher up groups (supporters of Keisha) worked to "get documentation" for the undocumented people living near and close to Atlanta.  The PTW (Powers That Were) are desperate to get Democrats in their corner.  To be clear the PTW work  is a bi-partisan effort, but in this situation the democratic force feels much more influential.  Keisha does not feel like a bad person, she just has "bad people" supporting her. 
Mary Norwood is asking for a recount. Is there a threat to Keisha Lance Bottoms securing the win? What is really behind the fear of having Mary Norwood Mayor? Is big money at risk and the current government does not want any change in how money flows so the race issue is really a cover for the money issue.  Or, is this just fear of losing "control" generally?
A. This is about money, control and the control of money (where it goes, how it is invested, who ultimately gets it, etc).  Even with a recount, I see Keisha still winning. 

Was this an honest election? if not, how was it manipulated?
A.  It wasn't completely honest, but I get that Keisha didn't realize what was happening.  She took donations and support, and didn't realize how much "support" she was getting behind the scenes.   The campaigning was fair, but the the voting day itself was very manipulated.   

Voting in general:  Even if not manipulated, see the question below. I ask this from mathematical / statistical / operational curiosity .

Since everything is electronic, the numbers should be in very quickly (and I believe that the results are known much more quickly than reported--they slowly release the info to basically drag it out for news coverage, drama, division, etc.) If I understand correctly, all the voting precincts have internet connection so the vote counts technically can be (are?) delivered in real time. I seem to recall that when a voting precinct's internet is down, that polling station is closed until the internet is back up which seems weird because they have printed voter logs to look up registered voters.

Do they cherry pick the precincts to report early vs. late? Is it really live or do they know the end result in advance? Many elections seem like a horse race-people hold their breath to find that the lead horse in the final moment loses. Or is it drawn out for some nefarious reason like fractional voting or vote changing? 
A.  Things are strategically released.  I get the reason is because they want the race to look close because it lessens the urgency to get out and vote (or some kind of psychological game like that??).  If a favorite looks to be trailing, legit voters will want to cast their support / vote.  By playing it this way, and surging the poles with "fake voters" it hinders the time frame to get out and vote.

Would using paper ballots keep elections more honest or is it impossible?
A.  I cannot see how a paper ballot would have prevented this (I hear if anything, it makes voter fraud easier...).

I know this is a lot of questions but fraud across (local / national) elections continues to come up and it is such an important topic that I feel like I want to know if/how it is happening. 

Thank you for helping disseminate truth.

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Ways to Support Seniors In Addiction Recovery

(The following is an article that was submitted to me by a reader from the blog.  This sends a good message.  I hope you enjoy.  Thank you,  Constance Ray!.  Love and light- Lynn)

How to Help Someone Find New Opportunities and Reclaim Their Life
by Constance Ray
For a senior loved one who is undergoing treatment for addiction, the holidays may be more stressful than usual, primarily if a lifetime of hurt has occurred on their end. Despite your relationship, you can help your senior relative to maintain a sense of normalcy and offer support that will help them reclaim their lives, which will also assist you in rediscovering your connection with each other. Here are some tips on finding new ways to cope with your loved one’s addiction and move forward this holiday season. 

Know the Triggers
For many older adults, immobility, pain, depression and even loneliness are a part of life and can potentially lead them down the road to substance abuse, particularly during the holidays.Triggers will often go unnoticed, but being aware of changes in behaviors or actions will help you better understand how addiction slowly integrates itself into someone’s life. Opioid abuse is at an all-time high, according to U.S. News, and over 53% of patients are senior adults who are in need of medications, making them more vulnerable to drug abuse.

Check for symptoms of use, such as solitary drinking, loss of interest in hobbies and memory, slurred speech, hostility, depression, or confusion. Since we are at a frenzied time of year when emotions are high, the chances of relapse for an addict increases, according to the Huffington Post, so taking the time to recognize the signs will help someone who is facing a dangerous habit.

Finding Support
Anxiety also increases during this time of year, but support is available in many forms, such as family, religious leaders, a trusted friend or even a therapist who can provide sound advice. An addict may also help themselves by implementing self-care habits, such as obtaining a healthy diet, exercise and sleep, all known to alleviate symptoms of depression while increasing more positivity and joy in one’s life.

There are also various halfway houses, or sober living homes, enabling an individual to become clean in a dry environment away from others who are using. Halfway houses are especially useful for a senior who is unable to find care within their community. Halfway homes will also cultivate a caring, loving environment that meets the needs of someone coping with mental, physical and emotional conditions, such as Alzheimer’s, osteoporosis, and chronic stress.

Addictions can be generational, according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, creating a rift between the user and family members. In most cases, it is possible to mend broken relationships by taking necessary steps for change. Perhaps a senior loved one who has used in the past is looking to create a connection again. In their eyes, the past may be behind them; however, for the victim, a history of neglect and hurt may be at the forefront of their memory. Therefore, forgiveness may not come as quickly, but over time, each step should be seen as a triumph to regain trust again.

Dependency can lead a person to steal, lie, and even project hurtful things onto others, and there is a chance these issues could creep up again. With healthy communication, both the user and loved one can reach a common ground and understanding, but it’s essential that your dialogue is productive and doesn’t lead to conflict. Also, there is a chance a relapse could occur if stress, negative influences, and other factors overcome someone, so try being a good listener and offering your help whenever needed.

Creating a new relationship with an elderly loved one is possible. Taking your time to heal will help the both of you to reach an understanding and cultivate a healthy co-existence. With effort and patience, you can help a senior loved one to recuperate from years of substance or alcohol abuse by keeping these tips in mind during the holiday season.