Friday, May 19, 2017


Q. Could you look into the importance of sun light? I know it is best to obtain vitamin D from the sun, but with the chem trails and living in a more northern region it is very hard to get vitamin D levels up. I've read where there is only a few months out of the year that we can get it from the sun and even those days there is a short window (solar noon). My gut feeling is that chem trails serve a dual purpose in weather manipulation and blocking us from the sun to keep our immune systems down (another way to keep us docile). Do vitamin D supplements do more harm than good? Should we look into alternative methods like uvb lamps or safe indoor tanning?
A. Many people are vitamin D deficient.  That deficiency does create health problems.  For example, people with (or genetically predispositioned to) autoimmune issue NEED vitamin D to help balance and strengthen the immune system.  I get it also has something to do with the health of the blood too (I don't quite medically understand this though??) I also get that even though you may get sunshine, it doesn't mean you are getting enough or the right quality due to chemtrails and other toxins / pollution in the air.  I hear the phrase that "Even a tan goddess can be deficient because the rays that make you tan may not be what is able to nourish you with vitamin D."

I hear it is more profitable to continue down the current path (using chemtrails for other purposes and fulfill agendas) and put band-aids on the problems that arise, than fix or eliminate the root cause.  For this reason alone, unintended (and intended) health consequences (depression, diseases) keep doctors and big pharma busy.  

I cannot see the environment changing, but I do see we can do things to help mitigate this.  Taking a supplement of vitamin D looks like the best defense.  I get that there are no "safe" indoor sun lamps (they look to do more home than good). I do hear something about making sure you also have proper levels of folate to ensure and aid in absorption.

Q. Also, through channelings, the Pleidians state we obtain information from the sun. If so, what kind of information is this? Is this the information you spoke of when you mentioned our gradual awakening? Is this why the sun is being blocked? Could sunlight accelerate our shift?
Thank you in advance :)
A. We do feed off the sun and it does nourish us as we take it in.  I see the sun promoting physical, emotional and spiritual healing.  I cannot see the sun sending messages, but I do see a connectedness that can be reached by absorbing the sun into your being.  Feels more like an enlightenment rather than information.  It looks like something you feel and understand rather than express in words. That connectedness helps to achieve and maintain a higher vibration and also get in tune with your higher self (I see a monk gazing at the sun from a mountaintop and meditating as I type this) .  The sunlight, pure sunlight (without the chemtrail and pollution filters) can help to accelerate the shift, and help you to reach your spiritual goals because it looks like a gateway to the Source Consciousness. 

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Current Food Habits Versus Those of Yesteryear..

Q. I've been thinking lately that it seems as if, based on old videos and photos, teens and young adults were so much slimmer in the 1970's--both in American and Britain. I've read that they actually ate more calories back then.

I was a very slender teen in the 70's myself, and I can say that it's not that we exercised more. I did not, and we watched a lot of TV, although as a child we definitely played outside most of the time. 

The only significant differences that I observe between now and then...that we ate family dinners every night, seven nights a week. We always had a meat, a starch, a veg, and sometimes, dessert. Fast food or restaurants were an occasional treat. We were only allowed to drink whole milk with all of our meals also. We didn't eat nearly as much processed food. Most of the food we ate was made "from scratch." Most of us didn't own microwaves. If we could get our hands on the occasional junk food like potato chips and soda, we pigged out, believe me. But most homes didn't have junk food on a regular basis. 

Most of us have cold cereal for breakfast, a school lunch with dessert or a ham or bologna sandwich, Twinkies, fruit, and milk for lunch, an after school snack like cookies and milk, and a meat/starch/veg/bread/dessert dinner with milk.

I'm wondering what you see as the primary reason(s) for heavier teens and young adults now?

A.  When I tune into this, the first thing I hear is "Not all calories are created equally."  I then see what looks like a cartoon, and one person eats two bananas and goes about their day.  The second person eats a handful of cookies, and does the same thing.  I watch both of them as time fast forwards, and the first remains the same, but the cookie eater starts to get a little thicker and a bit of a belly as time progresses.  Same caloric intake, different reaction to the body. 

Food habits today are much different than they were in past generations.  Not all, but many people, eat fast food (full of sodium, preservatives and other chemicals) much more frequently than in previous times.   A 'regular' size of soda keeps increasing, and even the portions of meals are growing to "super" and "king" size.  People are slowly being conditioned to eat more and more. 

Lots of food companies are tailoring to "pre-made" dinners in the store.  It takes time, and is even more costly to cook fresh, and food companies know this.  They make things in mass, cheaper due to the ingredients, and therefore, lesser in quality.

I then get that food is not as simple as calories in and calories out because many other things are effected by the type of calories we consume.  For example, many store bought foods contain high amounts of sugar (or even worse, high fructose corn syrup that is very inflammatory to the body).  I also see the more sugars we eat, the more desensitized we get, and the amount of sugar continues to increase as people's taste change.  The sugars (even artificial sugars) look to trigger an insulin response, and prolonged spikes up and down can create situations where the body has a hard time regulating insulin on its' own and causes other issues like diabetes. 

There are also other preservatives / chemicals / toxins  added to prolong shelf life, add flavors and even make food addictive (so you crave more).  The toxins, if not excreted, can build up and cause a whole other set of issues from cancers, disease or autoimmune problems because your body doesn't know what to do with them and reacts any way it can.  Other side effects can be increased fat pockets because I see fat is a natural defense to toxins by surrounding the toxin to keep it from flowing radically throughout the body (also why you may feel bad when you lose weight because the toxins get released).  

I see the thyroid and liver being sensitive to processed food too, and when the function of either one starts to be less efficient it can interfere with digestion and even metabolism (which most times translates to weight concerns). 

I get the best thing you can do is go to the store and walk the perimeter.  As an experiment, focus on the fruits, vegetables, fresh baked items (read labels), meat and dairy (organic or almond milk based) and see how you feel.  It may cost slightly more, but you may feel so much better that it is worth it.

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-

[I do know that sometimes eating healthy can be more expensive.  I would like to have fun in the comments and share ideas of ways to save money, or ideas for less expensive, yet healthy foods.  Growing your own garden can save lots of money on fresh food.  Also, with my family things like pinto and black beans can be a good, less expensive supplement.  Please share your healthy ideas too. :-)]

Monday, May 15, 2017

Random Short Q and A

More flat earth questions: (I know this topic is really out there, and for some takes a certain amount of thinking outside the box to consider, but please just consider the possibility.. The concept is out there, and seems to "tickle our brains" at very random and curious times..)
Q.  How does the flat earth idea change the mainstream concept of the solar system? 
A.  I get in this paradigm the earth, shaped more like a disk with a firmament dome top is sort of like a planetarium.  The stars and planetary bodies are viewed through the firmament lens.  To some degree, this system feels very earthcentric.  I also understand that most of what is "really" seen through a telescopic lens looks like a blur, and what is passed on to the public contains CGI techniques.  What we think is based on what we are told, and not experience.  I am left with the questions to ponder over, "Why do we not see satellites and other space "stuff" when we view the moon?"  "We see the space station pass, or do we, but nothing else?"  
Image an inverse "flat" earth and firmament with a central tunneling system.
These two halves, would make a spherical "whole."

Q. How does the inner sun in the hollow Earth work if the Earth is not round?
A.  I hear that a flattened, or disk shaped earth doesn't have to be thin.  It can still be miles deep.  As I try to understand this, I once had a vision and watched people go into the center.  They went into the hollow earth (at the north pole), the came through the center and exited on the other side with its' own firmament.  This, in theory would make the earth a flat disk, surrounded by two semi spherical firmaments (creating a circular outer firmament).  The path to and from each side earth would be the entrance/exit at the north pole.  Based on what I saw there is the side of earth that we live on, a hollow center (with tunnels, portals, ET bases, etc) and a flip side (inverse) to earth.

As I type this I am getting gentle nudges the inverse side of earth houses the next, 4D version of earth.  There are requirements to incarnate or even travel there, but I am not being shown those details (yet).  

Q. Can you do a reading on Emmanuel Macron as the president of France? What will happen to France in 2017?
A.  I see a division of the people, and he feels pressure to regain trust.  I see social groups breaking out to protest his ideals as well.  The biggest challenge I see for France is keeping the economy going due to an influx of people.  The immigration feels very unmonitored (for lack of a better term), which causes other problems.  Many citizens look to question if they should leave the country (but many can't due to financial constraints).  It also looks like France struggles to keep and retain talent (doctors, engineers, etc)  
A. It looks like a combination of economic troubles and government (internal and external) control.  The economy is highly unstable, and what food was available looks to be hoarded (out of fear).  What is available is getting bought up, therefore there isn't enough supply for the demand.  The government (out of fear of a complete takeover because starving people are desperate) looks to be doing what they can by releasing slow amounts of food.  It looks like eventually another country will come in (US??) and take over (because of natural resources), but I hear they are waiting on things to totally fall apart to "buy it up for pennies on the dollar."

Human body:

Q. Who do humans have 10 fingers?
A. I get that the ETs that seeded earth all had three fingers and a thumb, which they viewed as inhibiting.  Because humans were initially bread to be slaves on earth, they were created with four fingers and a thumb for dexterity and to more effectively preform physical (manual) labor.  This trait was proven to be effective (a good upgrade) and it was kept from race to race.

Q. Do eye colors mean something? Why do we have different eye colors? Why are some colors more common?
A. I get that earth was seeded by the Pleadians, Cat ETs and Dog ETs (the later two from Orion).  Other ETs were present, but weren't part of the geneticists that did the creating (and other experiments took place, but didn't always stick).  Each ET used some of their own DNA (created humans in their image), and each root DNA was associated with a different eye color.  Over the years, the DNAs have merged (blended), and other variations have emerged (hazel, two toned, or even different colors in each eye).  Some genes have even proven to be dominant (such as brown eyes), and the more we blend, the more that color will show itself.  It isn't that brown is more common, it is just more dominant (and overrides other colors).

Q. Why do men generally have more hair than women? Do beards, mustaches, and armpit hair serve a purpose?
A.  Hair serves a very important purpose for men.  It helps to protect our largest organ, our skin.  Armpit and other body hair (like legs) prevents friction, protect against inclement weather and was needed especially in the early years when men had to be hunters and protectors. As years and environmental situations change, men and women look to have less and less hair overall (when compared to earlier humans).  

Q. Can you do a reading on the WannaCry ransomware that locks users' files unless they pay in Bitcoins? It has affected many users and companies in different countries. Is this caused by the NSA?
A. I see this more like a ploy by the PTW (Powers That Were) to cause problems, evoke fear and see if they could write and execute a virus of this magnitude.  It doesn't feel like the NSA, but rather a darker group formed from ex-NSA employees or affiliates.  They don't even necessarily need the money, but it is a test to see who will pay, how they react and are they smart enough to detect the source.  It truly is a psychological test of all demographics and locations.  Where are the weak spots, who can be controlled and how to manipulate the masses?.

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-

Paranormal Recordings

Q. Hey I wanted to ask a question that just came to me. I was wondering if spirits/other worldly being and entities are aware when people are trying to record them on camera/video and don't show themselves on purpose because they're not allowed to show themselves because of the same law of non interference that the ET's have or if it just really is rare to get them on film? 

It just makes me curious because it seems like people experience more paranormal activity when they're not out looking for it or trying to get something on camera.

A.  I get the reason it is sometimes difficult to record paranormal activity is because it is most often experienced when you are in a relaxed (alpha to theta mindset).  When you are eager, planning and conscious of your goal to capture a being, the beings are around, but you cannot see them (most times) because your mind isn't in the right place (to experience them with your human senses).  

Spirits also are not here for our entertainment.  They are here to guide, protect, resolve karma, etc.. Creating a situation to allow them to be recorded frequently doesn't happen because it doesn't align with their goals or your greater good.  For example, a spirit may be here to guide you, and recording them could change the focus to obsessing of "proof" which deflects from you being guided. 

And that is all I have on this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-

Friday, May 12, 2017

Royals and a Random (Yet Important) WWIII Question

Q. Hi Lynn, I wonder if you could have a look at the younger Royals, and especially Kate Middleton. I have seen and heard numerous hints that the lid's about to blow off in some way. Two remote viewers have seen a dark haired royal woman about to reveal hidden knowledge that may or may not be about child abuse or something secret but explosive. 

It is notable that she, William and Harry have been speaking very frankly and publicly about their concerns surrounding mental health. Needless to say it has been very much a break from the Windsor way and much more like Diana (and the old guard won't like that one bit!) Other psychics and astrologers point to big changes in process behind the scenes, likely due to the Queen coming to the end. I have also looked up Kate's astrological chart and she has a bunch of truly epic transits going on right now. What do you see emerging in the coming months? It feels like something significant is round the corner. What do you see?

I have read your previous post about the Queen that touched on Kate's need to learn the ropes to qualify to be accepted as part of The Firm. I always felt that the perfect facade couldn't be kept up forever, and she strikes me as a much tougher character despite the surrendered wife facade. What's going on? Will this be like Diana The Sequel? Thank you!
A.  Kate really does have very pure intentions, and good energy.  I see both sons (William and Harry) also being good people, and align more with Diana versus Charles.  Part of what drew William to Kate was the likeness she had to his mom.  I get their was some tension as William was choosing a partner, and something about the Queen and Kate didn't mesh.  Kate is very intelligent, and knew how to play the game to gain acceptance because she really does love William.  Kate isn't fully accepted as of yet, but she hasn't been shunned either.  Kate is sort of riding in a neutral light right now. 

Realizing that the Queen is getting older, it looks like she will hold power as long as possible, but it won't be forever.  When she does decide to step down, THAT is when the HUGE SHIFT happens.  The Queen looks to be the last in a long line of people to posses the genetic equivalent of a VERY powerful, lower vibrational being (I hesitate to say this, but it has a Reptilian vibe).  I get this DNA has been diluted over the years.  Certain members of Royalty have tried to keep the lineage pure, but future generations have stepped outside of "what is ideal."  I also get that a strong focus has been put on those that look to have a serious chance at the thrown (and that is why the Queen was very analytical of William's choice).

When she does step down (looks like within the next year), she will still have an enormous influence over her successor, but it does have a different feel.  I hear that her successor is scared of her and her judgments, even follows some kind of routine to appease her, but once she passes all of that starts to fade. I cannot see that Kate or William will fully disclose the happenings of what goes on in Buckingham Palace because they do respect royalty and don't want to tarnish the family name, but they will change the practices and make it more about serving the greater good.  

In many ways the PTW (Powers That Were) look relieved to get the Queen out of control.  They bow to her our of fear, because she looks to have more power than they do, so when she is gone they are relieved (and someone new looks to emerge).

Q. Today it's even on my main news page that Anonymous has said we're in for a sudden World War 3 - and it's come up on other sites as well. What do you see and what can we do? How does it leave us (mortgage/living wise). They say it's going to be devastating environmentally as well.
A.   I do see North Korea as a place to watch.  I see many countries being put on alert, but it feels more like talk rather than action (not that it feels any better with regard to concern or worry).  There looks to be attempts made by Korea, but most are either mitigated or intercepted, and when that occurs, and they do not head the warnings to stop this nuclear production, I see the actual confrontation being handled over the Korean soil.  There doesn't look to be major attacks elsewhere, but Korea will have a certain amount of destruction.  Some major countries look to get pulled into the turmoil (US, China and Russia), and I get that the US will make some unlikely allies, but it will be in the best interest of all.  

I hear to tell friends, family or anyone you know to get out of Korea while it is still possible.  I get they will lock down their border when things "get real" and it will be difficult to leave. ??  

Please send some healing to this area, and encourage the leadership to focus on the good of the people and not live in a negative, vengeful mindset.

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-

Wednesday, May 10, 2017


[With everything going on in the world, I have had a lot of emails and concerns regarding this topic.  I thought I would pick a few questions to address specifically.  I just want to say as I approach this reading the focus is on truth and knowledge, and not to evoke fear.  I understand fear is an emotion that is often experienced in seeking (and even finding) truth, but please let that pass through you so you can better focus on what is in your greater good.]

Q. Betsy Lewis, another psychic, has foreseen some kind of nuclear attack on a US city between May 7 and May 15... This is very scary. Instead of spreading fear maybe we can talk about what is going to happen (bomb wise) and which areas to avoid and how to deal with radiation. For example, I live in the Midwest and would like to know what we can do to be safe. I'm sure there are other people on here that would like to know as well. Is it still safer to stay in the country, because the city may be chaotic during that time? I guess I would like to know if radiation will be a problem in the sticks and how to deal with it.

A.  I too see an attack, but it does not look nuclear, and it does not look to be in the US.  It looks (and feels) to be an attack on or a day next to Mother's Day.  I hear the phrase "Mother's Day Massacre" and get it is a false flag even tied to ISIS.  I also see something about Europe.  As I try to get more specifics (I need to say that sometimes what I get is shown in symbols, and other times it can be quite literal), I see the Eiffel Tower in the background, with what looks like some kind of green grassy area beneath to assist in a spacial reference for distance.  I was so disturbed by this, I pulled up a map and was drawn to the area of Avenue Joseph Bouvard, and saw the area attacked being a little cafe in which people are sitting outside.  It appears the Eiffel Tower can be seen in the background of this location.

Again, this is not to cause fear and panic, but please listen to your instincts and intuition around this sensitive time.

Q. Hi Lynn,  I thought you might find the video link above interesting.  It is by Steven Ben Denoon who runs Israeli News Live.  He reports that there is a possibility that Russia is planting nuclear weapons on the sea floor off the coast of America in order to create huge tidal waves that will hit the American east coast, in the event of a war between the two countries.  This might make for an interesting public reading.

A. I get this story was leaked on purpose to distract from what Russia really is thinking.  I cannot see any type of bomb or tsunami device being released on the eastern seaboard of the US.  I do get this was talked about as a way to cause disinformation, so the concept is out there in the collective conscious, but I don't see it being executed.  

I do see and get that if Russia were to attack (and this plan isn't been finalized) they would come at the US via Alaska, and then do some kind of flanking and come up on the US southwestern side.  Then, I hear they (Russia) would indeed call in or create false chatter to get the focus on the eastern seaboard, but that would not be their "real' plan.

Q. Can you please do an update on the Trump / WWIII timeline?  Seems like things are always shifting. 
A. I do see a constant tugging back and forth.  It looks like both players (Trump and the PTW) feel in control, and this is a game being played by both sides.  Trump gets the upper hand, and then something happens, and then the PTW get control again.  It is like both are in control, yet being played at the same time.

It appears, negotiations are fragile between the US and Russia / China.  The US is looking weak during the transition into the newer administration, due to the amount of civil (even media) unrest that is constantly going on. The amount of divide between people prevents having a strong, united force (and I hear this creates an "open season" on the US).

Right now, in this moment, I see Trump holding his stance.  He is working on getting a fully supportive administration (and the PTW will fight this every chance they get).  It will be very difficult for him, but I do see him succeeding.  In the meantime, he will do what needs done to protect the US, but will try hard to stay at arms length with outside affairs unless it is politically or economically necessary.    

I do sense and see a battle being unavoidable.  North Korea is the one to watch, and they look to be just waiting.  I hear something tied to them referring to the "long game."  There is an element of revenge they want make right in their mind's.  If/when this happens, I hear "there will be no holds barred" and other countries (ie Russia and China) jump in.  IF this timeline continues as it is currently, I see this coming to a head within the next 6 to 9 months.

And that is all I have for this reading.  Please send love and healing out to the world.  The vibration feels like it is dipping, but very recoverable.  We just all need to be a little more mindful and dig a little deeper during this time.  Love and light-

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Reach Your Fitness Goals this Summer by Making the Right Ones

[The following article, written by Travis White, was submitted to me for consideration for the blog. I feel this is a good message, and summer is quickly approaching for many of us. I hope you all enjoy and maybe even feel inspired. Thanks Travis!]

Photo via Pixabay
If you find it difficult to stick to your fitness goals, there is a chance that you are not making the right ones. When creating goals, it is important to remember that there is no one-size-fits-all approach, so instead of blindly resolving to do whatever your friend does, set goals that are specific to you and your lifestyle. Consider these suggestions to help you make good decisions when it comes to setting your fitness goals for the summer ahead:

Find a reason
We are all creatures of habit, so if you’ve been spending almost all your free time plonked on the couch, suddenly becoming a fitness fanatic is not a likely scenario. It is best to ease into it to reduce the likelihood of quitting. Try to identify a reason why you need to change your habits and get into an active lifestyle. Having an emotional reason to reach your fitness goals can be a game changer when it comes to actually sticking to them. Maybe you want your children to be proud of you and set a good example for them. Perhaps you want to look and feel more confident as you hit the beach or pool this summer. Identifying the reason you want to get fit gives your new lifestyle endeavor purpose and meaning.

Look back into the past
When setting fitness goals, ask yourself about the times you have succeeded in the past with similar promises. If you can remember instances when you ate healthier, exercised regularly, rested well, and so on for a reasonable period of time, it can give you helpful clues as to how to create a fitness plan that will be successful. As you think back on your successes, also take the time to reflect on your failures. A large part of sticking to a fitness plan is figuring out what works and what doesn’t, and everyone is different.

Pick activities that you enjoy
Rather than doing activities that you think you should be doing, plan to do more of the things that you love. If you hate running, go for a swim at an indoor pool in your area. If you find that it’s hard staying motivated when you’re working out on your own, take a class or ask a friend if they’ll start working out with you a couple times a week. Use the warmer weather as motivation to get outdoors and spice up your routine. Whatever fitness regimen you choose, it should be something you look forward to each day rather than dread. Be open to new ideas and try different activities, but remember that an expensive gym membership is not the only option that you have. Get creative in your quest to get fit.

Change one thing at a time
Replacing unhealthy lifestyle habits is not the easiest thing to do, and taking on too much at once can be overwhelming. Instead of trying to completely transform everything overnight, tackle one habit at a time so that you gradually reach your goal and have a lesser chance of quitting. You can set simple targets like not eating past 9 p.m. or going outdoors for half an hour every day instead of watching television. It is important to also identify any habits that are barriers to your success. For example, not getting enough sleep each night could leave you feeling tired and grumpy, which is a serious mood killer if you are trying to get fit. Look for natural ways to induce sleep such as setting a bedtime or taking a warm bath, rather than relying on sleeping pills. Perhaps you have a bad habit of eating when you are bored or overeating. Identifying those habits early on will make it easier to blow past your fitness goals.

Get help from a doctor

Many people don’t realize that they have certain health issues that act as obstacles to achieving their fitness goals. When making your goals, it is a good idea to consult your doctor first. Being healthy both physically and mentally is a good starting point for any lifestyle change or new workout regimen, and you need to be certain that any changes you make are safe.

Just the simple act of making the right goals can help you successfully keep long after the summer fun has ended. Remember to chalk out a plan depending on what works for you so that your goals are more practical and achievable. As time passes, don’t forget to take a step back, review your fitness goals, and tailor them according to your changing personal needs and capabilities.

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Hedy Lamarr and Wireless Technology

Q. Lynn, please do a reading on the actress Hedy Lamarr who patented frequency-hopping technology which led to wireless technology in the early 20th century. This actress, however beautiful, has no background in quantum physics or aerodynamics yet they want us to believe she invented this incredible technology - out of the blue! She was married to Friedrich Mandl, a weapons and armament dealer who sold ammunition to Germany. Even with her marriage to a kindof tech-oriented man I find it hard to believe she invented Wi-Fi herself. They claim she is self-taught and somehow stumbled across the technology by synchronizing a piano player with radio signals. And if her husband somehow inspired her towards developing this technology, wouldn't he have patented it in his own name? 

Since Lamarr is a Jewish woman I'm leaning towards my long-held theory that the biblical beings who came from the sky, otherwise known as angels, and promised they would restore the Chosen People to a high place are actually doing so by imparting Jewish people with advanced knowledge and technologies which have made them extraordinary wealthy and powerful globally. From Einstein to Mark Zuckerberg and the early software and computer developers and app developers in between, they seem to have advanced understanding before everyone else does. Did advanced ETs use Lamarr as a vehicle to share new knowledge with the human race? I look forward to hearing  your thoughts.

Here is an interview she did:

A. When I first tune into this, I am drawn to look at the concept of Jewish people being "chosen."  There are countless contributions by non-Jewish people too (like Thomas Newcomen and the steam engine or Karl Benz laying concepts for the automobile).  I am overcome with this frustrated feeling, and see two hands shaking / waving at me (and they are attached to a frustrated man).  I then hear, "No one is chosen, that is just something that Jewish PTW (Powers That Were) say to justify their behavior toward all other people." [It is important to note that not all people believing in Judaism feel this way, and not all PTW are Jewish.  This refers ONLY to the Jewish sector of the PTW.  The PTW can come in many forms, and of varying beliefs.]  I get that very early on the Jewish portion of the PTW came up with a plan to "get ahead" by convincing a large following that they are "more special" than others, allowing them the justification they needed to get ahead by treating Gentiles any way they see fit.  This foundation paved the way for them to make and retain wealth and power, and these philosophies carried down from generation to generation.  

The Jewish PTW were also brilliant with keeping a purity to their belief system (making it important for Jewish men to only marry Jewish women, and vice versa).  Many other cultures were starting to spread out, other religions were explored, and certain amount of dilution feels to have occurred.  

Back to Hedy Lamarr.... I don't see that she was chosen because she was Jewish, but rather because she was seen as a tool to allow this technology to be shared.  It does look like this technology was ET based (or inspired), and I see that it was taught to her in dreams.  She was creative, and had an open, curious mind making her a good conduit for information.  It was in her greater good, and aligned with her journey here on earth.   I get that there was something inspirational about her and her self-motivated understanding.   For some, fame changes who they are, but she was able to handle the attention with grace. This also feels like it was a tough time for women to emerge, so it feels important that a women bring this technology out. 

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-

Friday, May 5, 2017

Life Detective: NEXT #2

by Lynn & Da-da

Hi all, and welcome to the new Life Detective segment where Lynn looks primarily at the NEXT (dominant) future life of various people. As usual, Lynn’s words appear “in quotes,” and my questions appear [in brackets]. Ok, here we go.

1. Qin Shih Huang, 1st Emperor of China (and Winner of the Mister Crazy Eyes Contest)
“It's funny how these things sometimes come to me. When I thought of Qin Shih Huang, my mind flashed to this radioshow I’d been listening to a while back, where a radio personality was talking about HRC and her pantsuits, and how they make her look like Kim Jong-Un. Well… Qin Shih Huang CAME BACK as that guy! He’s now Kim Jong-Un! I saw his pantsuit and this past event just popped in my head.” 

2. J.K. Rowling, 1st Empress of Pottermore (being a billionaire becomes her: she’s aging backwards!)
"Who is she going to be in her next life? Hm. This is interesting, I see her coming back as a meek English teacher. She’s still into literature and writing, but she’s very private with it. Writing is just a fantasy for her in the next life, as she’s afraid to put pen to paper, publicly — she’s super humbled in her next life — and she becomes too afraid to take a chance. Where?… I want to say Virginia. A professor at a college. She never has the courage to do anything with her talents in this lifetime.” 

[That's surprising. Does she currently feel like she doesn't deserve all the fame?] 

"More like really wanted, and once she got it, she wasn't sure she wanted what she'd wished for... I get it is harder to be famous (most times) than what you think especially if you really desire to be a private person."

3. Mohandas Gandhi, 1st Emperor of Non-emperor-ness
"I’ve never seen this before. He’s not going to reincarnate any time soon. He’s staying in spirit, hovering over a region of the earth like a protector. I see a world map pop up, and I hone in on South Africa. I never realized this, but you can have a very strong spiritual force protecting a certain area, just as we’ve seen with certain ETs. Gandhi feels very connected to that part of the world. He’s currently both a protector and a guide for the people of South Africa, instilling peace and a sense of calm wherever it’s needed. Interesting.”

[This region must’ve really made an impression on him when he was younger, starting at age 24, when he was a civil rights activist in South Africa from 1893-1914. It was there that he developed his political acumen, leadership skills, ethics, and peaceful resistance/non-violence philosophy he became famous for.]

4. Sigmund Freud, 1st Emperor of Freudianism
“This is cool. i see that he’s been here twice before, and they were no big deal, but his next life will be a WOW one... 70 years from now. He’s going to make huge breakthroughs in documenting TELEPATHY. He is the breakthrough scientist in understanding this. He will not only know how it works, but how to enhance it between two people who may not actually be telepathic. He’’l show that, once you know how to do it, and practice, its easy. It has something to do with vibration. He’ll use water as a medium. Once one feels it and understands it, the frequency and how it feels, you can replicate it without the water. He’ll make huge strides in this field.” 

[Can you tell what frequency he's using in the water? Like one of the solfeggio frequencies?] 

"I couldn't tell, or get an answer to that, but I will say it makes an amazing geometric pattern!! AND it felt familiar, like I've seen it in a crop circle, but have no idea when or where I saw it.” 

[I showed Lynn the cymatic “watermarks” of 432 and 528 Hz, but she said it was more elaborate.]

5. Bill Clinton, 1st Emperor of Restraint
"This is weird. Next life, I actually see him as a homeless guy. Looks as though in his next life he has a lot of battles with addiction. He’s born into another charmed life, has a pretty good wealthy life coming... but something happens to him in his teens and 20s and he gets hooked on alcohol and he loses everything. 

[Is it possible for him to understand about the addiction around the time it's happening and turn his life around so that it's positive? Or is he "fated" to live that homeless-guy life? That is, do we have timeline choices in mid-stream?] 

"He is fated, unless his free will overcomes the addiction. We do have choices."

6. Justin Bieber, 1st Emperor of Dork
"Hm. In his next lifetime, it looks like he still has this internal NEED for attention… but it doesn’t happen this time. I see him born as a girl in his next life, one who so desperately wants to be in Hollywood, onstage, etc. I see her move to Vegas... and become a showgirl! And she never becomes more than that. It’s not like she’s slutty; she’s actually a decent dancer, but she never gets that break. Sadly, this next life will be heartbreaking and disappointing." 

[Tangential question: Does all of the above happen on the new earth... or the old earth? This whole new/old earth thing is confusing. What percentage of people are going to the new earth?] 

"The new/old earth IS confusing. Every time it feels super clear to me… I get confused again. I don't see it like a specific percentage, but like a gradual migration."

Well, that’s it from Lynn and Da-da and Justine Bieber. Join us next time for another fascinating future-life puzzle.

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Bruno Borges Mysteriously Missing!

Q. Just came across the following and therefore interested in your sense of what is going on.

Man disappeared In Brazil.  He leaves mysteriously behind a locked room with 14  books of encrypted text and a $2500 statue. 

Brazilian psychology student Bruno Borges seemed fine when he left his family home to work on a ‘secretive project’ last Monday, but he hasn’t been seen since then. His concerned relatives managed to access his locked room, and what they found inside was both bizarre and disturbing.

The room was covered wall-to-wall with cryptic text and formulas, as well as several strange paintings. 14 books, reportedly written by Borges, contained an indecipherable script. Watching over it all was a tall statue of Giordano Bruno, a 16th-century Italian philosopher who was one of the first to predict the presence of extraterrestrial life, estimated to be worth around $2500 USD.

A video tour of Borges’ room, possibly taken by a police officer, has leaked to YouTube. See it for yourself below, and share your wildest theory with us in the comments.

A.  When I tune into him, I see a boy that is somewhat introverted.  He knows how to act within society, but he prefers to be alone with his thoughts. I also get that he is a bit OCD, and when he gets a thought into his mind, he cannot let it go.  I see he had a wide variety of interests. The images I get are comic books and video games. They then evolve into books (I hear the name "Aristotle"??? and see stacks upon stacks of books).  

Something within him (like a guiding from the Source Consciousness) turned him onto the concept of ET life and travel.  I see that at one time he was actually visited by two beings, and they look like tall whites.  He was not fearful, and the beings look to be kind toward him.  The concept turned into a reality, and he began to study them even more obsessively.  It came to him that he was a descendant or this race, and felt deeply connected to these otherworldly beings.

I get he locked himself into that room as a form of both deprivation and a way to focus.  He was actually working on a channeling session with one of the tall whites, and there feels like there was a block in the communication.  When the tall white and him lost connection, the tall white came to him in the locked room.  They had a telepathic conversation (I see them looking at each other and he is nodding his head yes).  Then, in a flash they are both gone.  It was as if they both vaporized into nothing..

It looks like he left to continue his journaling and study these ETs.  He also looks like he agreed to help them with something (cannot see what though, but he is giving blood samples??).  I get he will come back when he is done, and then I am reminded that time is much different off of earth, so it could be the upwards of 10 years (but really feel like 6 months to him).  I also see when he comes back he will look like he doesn't age... ??

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-

Sunday, April 30, 2017

More Random Q and A

Q. Can you perform a reading on soaps, shampoos, perfumes, and deodorants/antiperspirants? There are some people who say that masking your natural scent (pheromones?) is a part of a depopulation agenda, and the metals in deodorants stay in your body and can cause cancer. I used to apply strong Rexona products regularly and it darkened my skin.
A.  I cannot associate this to a depopulation agenda, but I do see these products as harmful to a person's health.  Our skin is our largest organ, and the armpit is a sensitive area holding many lymph nodes.  Toxins and metals in deodorant look to cause illnesses and cancer (especially breast cancer!!). People with lots of money (and connected to the Powers That Were) created this product that does work, but the long term effects can be very adverse.  They aren't trying to reduce the population.  They are simply trying to increase and protect the size of their stock prices. 

Your body is suppose to sweat to cool you off, and also purge toxins.  Antiperspirants prevent the natural purging (holding toxins in).  I see deodorant, in an organic form, are very safe.  The odor comes from bacteria, and natural deodorants (made from coconut and essential oils) kill the bacteria.  I get that it does take time to transition from toxic deodorants (you may be damper than normal).  Eventually, you will balance out where you will perspire from time to time, but you won't experience extreme odor unless you have something in you that needs to get out...

Q. In your 2014 reading on 2015 events ( you mentioned about a "zombie virus ». Is this the fabricated zika virus scare?
A. Many times when I do a reading things come to and through me, but I don't consciously remember the details of the reading.  I will say as I reflect on the outbreaks of 2015, I would have to say that the term "zika virus" does "feel" like the right match when focusing on a "zombie virus."  It still feels like a virus created from an immunization that went wrong (i.e man made) and caused physical challenges in children.

Q. There are some groups of people promoting eating a certain food exclusively for a long period of time. What can you say about these?:

Bacon: The Bacon Experiment

A. Life and wellness is a lifestyle choice. A fad that is not sustainable is not the path to health. I get when you eliminate certain food groups, you need to replace the nutrients lost with something else. I also get that eating only one food or food group, you alter your metabolism and it is difficult on your thyroid (among other things such as your immune system). Before trying any diet, do research and see what resonates with you.

Q. In my country, there is a certain superstition that one must be more careful when going outdoors before/during/after your birthday or any special event in your life (e.g., graduation). Does this make sense?
A.  It only makes sense if you believe it.  I see this superstition works in conjunction with the Law of Attraction.  If you feel it is back luck, something bad will happen.  If you go outside with confidence and feel safe, you will be protected.  

Q. More flat earth questions: If you see the earth as flat (or contact lens) and assuming that this is true, why is the mainstream science and PTW promoting the idea that the world is round?

A. Part of the flat earth is that there is a firmament that prevents us from truly leaving. Admitting that to be true. creates a certain amount of chaos, challenges elements of religion, and proves they did not make it to the moon. Many more questions  also arise, and people that had a sense of freedom will feel "trapped" on earth.

Q. Now with a different view of earth, can you revisit some of your old readings about the Earth expanding around the equator and the true north pole moving?
A.  I get a couple things with this.  First, depending on the density we are experiencing and viewing, the earth could look differently.  I get in some realities it may be round, and in others it is a flattened disk. 

I do see earth expanding regardless of what version of earth we are viewing.  In the flattened earth, the circumference is growing.  True north is also shifting due to the magnetosphere shifting, and looks tied more toward the influences in space.

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light- 

Friday, April 28, 2017

Suspicious Shallow Graves

Q. Lynn,  I keep trying to type my question, and keep feeling caution about it. When it feels safe to you, could you shed light on the recent murder of two federal investigators found buried in shallow graves (USA)? These investigators allegedly were about to serve search warrants on high level targets (aka Clinton's). Due to the nature of who is involved, and the nature of this case, it may not be safe to provide any information, so if you cannot, I understand.

Also, since the bodies were buried quite shallow, was that done intentionally so that the bodies would be found, or was the discovery of the bodies unintentional, and not something the perpetrators wanted? The perpetrator(s) was a professional and left absolutely no trace or evidence behind, so I cannot understand why he/she/they would do a sloppy job at burying the bodies, unless they wanted them to be found.

Anyway, will justice ultimately be done? Can you comment on the search warrant?

Anyway, thank you. I didn't include names or other info here because I felt a bit blocked about it, but it is something that is buzzing heavily on the Internet and alternative news sites. RIP to the investigators and peace to their families. 
A.  I would agree that we should all take a deep breath, and surround ourselves with white light before moving forward.  

Everything about this crime and investigation feels very dark.  I get the PTW (Powers That Were) are paying very close attention to Clinton, because the recent attention to her personal affairs and affiliations create a situation that is dangerously close to drawing attention to actions and people that don't want to be found.  She has been very privy to the happenings of the PTW when she was on the inner circle and being molded for president, but now she is on the outskirts..

I don't think it is in the greater good to go into too much detail, but I see that there was reason to believe she knew or had access to a human trafficking ring that extended internationally.  I get an image of a small group of people, all with their faces covered in black hoods (hiding their identity because I don't feel it is in my best interest to know), and I have this overwhelming feeling that if they took off their hoods I would recognize them.  I feel myself dodging them because I don't even want to accidentally know who they are (feel powerful, well connected and of great wealth).  

The warrant had to do with electronic data collection.  I get she has created "insurance" so they don't come after her.  I see that she really let them down in the election, so they would think nothing of giving her up for the cause, but she positioned herself in a way that it won't happen.  In fact, it is in the PTWs interest to protect her (hence the murders) until what she is holding can be mitigated.  

The graves were intentionally shallow.  I get they wanted them to be found as a warning.  They were mindful in the execution and also disposing of the bodies.  I get there was nothing sloppy about this.

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light to these families.  -Lynn  

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Mysterious Questions..

Q. If multiple people are praying for the same thing, the lottery for instance, who does the universal spirit choose to give to? Thank you. Lynn
A. The Universe gives this to the person or people that need it in order to grow and develop.  For some it can afford an opportunity to do great things, and others it could end up feeling like a curse (or negative experience).  The Universe has a way of knowing these things, and what people need to keep them on their path.  If this sudden wealth changes you in a way that is not in your greater good (not all challenges are easy), I can't see you being matched with this good fortune.

Q. Why does it happen that two people who might not think each other's particularly physically attractive, AND who have never met, can walk by each other and have an instant amazing chemistry and be super attracted to each other, sometimes without hardly speaking a word? Is there some kind of science behind this like nature knows what two people would make strong babies or is it something totally different?

A.  Different things can trigger this.  You may have a past life connection that creates a feeling of comfort and knowing.  Your vibrations might mix in just the right harmony and compliment each other.  I also see that chemistry (not based on anything except another person's presence) is an indicator of a good genetic match.

Q.  I have seen articles online claiming that intelligence is (mostly) passed from mothers instead of fathers/both. How true is this?
A.  I cannot see this as true.  Intelligence comes from the mother and father, with most times being a mesh of the two.  Sometimes one parent contributes an aptitude and ability in one aspect, but the other balances in another way.  The (sometimes) challenging thing is to nurture and develop that intellect and not favor one aspect other another (The dad may be a great mathematician, and the mom do and understand acupuncture.  Both important and uniquely different knowledge/skillsets.  Through residual DNA knowledge passes to the kids.  One skill may be more pronounced, but both knowledge bases are very present)..

Q. Why does inbreeding increase the chances of disabled children?

A.  I get that when unrelated people have children, there is a good balance of DNA.  Physical and mental challenges (I get for the most part) reside in the recessive genes.  When related people have children, you have a much greater chance of the recessive genes holding the challenge pairing up (instead of being overruled by a dominant gene), increasing the odds of the physical or mental challenge being presented.

Q. How does being mind-controlled feel like?
A.  I get that it is like sleepwalking, but having an awareness of your physical body.  You hear yourself say and do things, and in the moment it feels like a good idea, but upon reflecting it feels like it was someone else.  There is a lot of regret and confusion while this is going on.  Once you are mentally attacked you have to consciously regain control, set protection and hold your space (daily).

Q. If I deliberately use the law of attraction to get what I want, how will I know if it is not aligned with my destined life path?

A.  The Universe will not give you something if it is not in your greater good, but rather redirect you to what you should consider pursuing.  For example, if you ask for wealth you may be given money, lots of friends, big family, health- depends on what kind of wealth you need.  I get to some extent there is a lot of interpretation to our languages.

Q. How does the insectoid beings with crunchy brown skin (living inside the hollow earth) fit in the flat earth theory?
A.  I have actually taken time to meditate to make sense of this.  I get that just because the earth may be flat, doesn't mean it has to be thin.  The thickness of earth can have enough depth to house inner beings (and I see the earth like the shape of a contact lens). 

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-