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I want to thank everyone for their GREAT questions!!  Please continue to keep them coming! 

Occasionally you will see some requests deleted because I have transferred them into my working drafts. I am currently working on some group postings and have other great questions pulled from the list as well. Even if it takes a while for your post to show up, I will keep and address them all.  I have been doing several personal requests, but this blog is still important to me.  My goal is to complete at least one blog request a week (I also do group submissions covering several topics), so please check back if you are waiting on something specific.

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GENERAL Requests:
Anyone that has a GENERAL REQUEST (world changes, aliens, cool discoveries, phenomena, etc)  can post their request in the comments area and I will respond when I have time.  I will post responses on the main Home Page and title the blog with your question.  The basic key is as follows: Q-Question, A-Answer  ...-represents about a 10-20 second pause per dot. Next, I will never Google any subject or person before a reading, I want the reading to be unbiased and pure.  I do not even let my husband do it because I do not want to pick up on what he knows.

*NEW: Priority BLOG Requests:
$25 - 1 Public Interest Topic, 2-4 Questions
I have recently had some frustration expressed to me regarding the length of time it takes for some questions to be focused on.  I have over 100 great questions, and when I go to do a reading I scan them over and pick the one I feel connected to at that time.  I will always do free requests, it just may take a while for a specific question to get picked.  If you have something pressing and you would like me to set aside scheduled time to answer it, I am happy to take those requests as a Priority Blog Request.  They will be completed by your scheduled time and posted on the blog.  I will forward you a copy of the link to review, and will follow-up on any additional clarification or questions you may have.


s7even said...

Why is the moon used in Islam? Many Muslim countries have a moon in their national flags.
Why does Islam prohibit eating pork? Is there really a reason or it is just a social division tool to avoid the mingling of Muslims with non-Muslims?
How do you see hijab and burqa? Is it a tool for oppression or decency?
What's with Lindsay Lohan converting to Islam? Is this a part of PTW propaganda?

A Scholar Heart said...

Hi Lyn, Could you please do a post on Earth's entry into its sixth mass extinction event?

According to scientists, the earth has already entered its sixth mass extinction phase. The earlier five mass extinctions were:
1. End Ordovician, 443 million years ago
2. Late Devonian, 360 mya
3. Permian Triassic, 250 mya
4. Triassic Jurrasic, 200 mya
5. Cretaceous-Tertiary, 65 mya

Scientists also claim, this kind of mass extinction normally happens periodically every 26 -30 million years.
Scary as it may sound, I understand it is earth's normal resetting process and is good for human evolution. My question is how will it occur? Will it be sudden like a giant 15 km in diameter asteroid strike or slow like it already is now in the process? Other than the species disappearing, global warming, weather disruption, pollution, situation with fossil fuels and wars etc. what else are obvious signs of mass extinction? Are there going to be any symbols (like they say in Bible) of things about to come?

Will Yellowstone super volcano and Krakatoa or any other super volcanos play any part in this event?

Thank you

They Live said...

Hello Lynn, would you please do a reading on a cat named Oscar who is able to predict the deaths of people in the nursing home where he lives. Below is an article about him, according to the article he has predicted 50 deaths and stays with the person until they have passed. Is this cat a reaper or spiritual guide of some sort?

Many thanks!

Watchand Knock said...

Sorry I mistyped!
May I pose a different type of question today?
During the military regime in Argentina in the second half of the 70s, many politically rebelious couples had theyr babies illegaly taken away and given to military families without children.

The very active group of grandmas tries to find these now grown-up grandchildren and bring them back to theyr real families.
Actually this question might be a little tricky once the military families where told to legally adopt the babies.
As one can see in the linked list ( the first mother name that appears is “Orzaocoa-Gómez” (only the married (sometimes even maiden) family name appears but one can send an email and get the mother’s given name) and she gave birth (frequently in prison) to a child in May or June 1975.

BTW, yesterday this group (link below) partied in Buenos Aires because they had found grandchild number 125! It was the daughter to the late Lucía Rosalinda Victoria Tartaglia who was a politically active laws student back in 1977 and was 24 when she got hijacked in the town of LaPlata. Later her family received a note that she was pregnant and would give birth to her daughter in early1979! What exactly happened to the mom is not known!

Suppose this group of grandmas would contact you asking for assistance do you see a chance for possibly retrieving one grandchild or another?
( )

Haley Carey said...

Hi. A lady posted this in a witch group I'm in on Facebook-
-I've always pictured Scotland, Ireland, Sweden as a haven for the natural magic beings(fairies, elfs, gnomes, ect)and always thought that they couldn't die, or if so, went into their realm...are they actually fairly coffins or is it fake? Thanks for reading.

Sylvie Alston said...

Hi Lynn...I wonder if you could do a reading on a house fire where a Doctor Usami

and her five children all perished...It is said it was a burglary and the house caught fire like an inferno...The only survivor was the children's father who jumped from a window onto his car to ' get help '...this tragedy happened back in 2012 in the UK in the county of Essex (Harlow) and is at present unresolved...Thank You so much for reading!

adolfo said...

Hi Lynn,

Can you do a reading on Sophia by Hanson Robotics? Is she a real A.I. or is it just a show? What is the implications of A.I. will they get feelings? Could they transcend like human souls?

serious one said...

Hello Lynn
Wiki Leaks came out with a tape of James Files confessing to the Kennedy assassination
can you look at this? I think a lot of people would like to know if he's telling the truth.

Rose Rahman Portitia Celestial said...

Hello Lynn
Bicycle share is mushrooming throughout the world but also creates lots of frustration, many users are so irresponsible & literally do not care for the environment as they park & litter everywhere, at the same time, I think the providers are not doing enough to help, just selfish & think only about making money. I know the intention of providing this service is well and to help with zero emission but at the same time it creates more negative energy like anger & frustration spreading faster than anything else. Why is this happening? What can we do to bring awareness? Thank you

Anthroposophist. said...

There looks to be a threatened coup in Zimbabwe.Could you comment on the future there.Thank you.

Unknown said...

My husband had a short telepathic communication with Pele, the volcano goddess, many years ago when we were flying above the lava fields on the Big Island. We are both White, not Hawaiians. He told me Pele expressed surprise at the level of human technology we had at our disposal. Something to the effect of, "If you can invent helicopters, you can do anything, you don't have to worry."

I am convinced that the entities Hawaiians regard as their mythological Island gods actually exist. However, what exactly are they, where do they come from, how long have they been on the Islands, do they have any agenda other than just continuing to live there, and how best to initiate communication with them?

Old soul said...

 Unknown said...

Hello Lynn,
I often wonder about former President Obama and his "real agenda" while in the office. I'll admit I was one of the many sheep brainwashed by the liberal media and voted for him two terms. I really believed he would unite and bring positive change. Boy, we're we wrong... Luckily, as I like to joke, I saw the light, and this past election I voted for President Trump. This question is not for political agenda, but to learn the truth. Did Obama come into the WH with pure intentions? Or was the as many say the Manchurian candidate? Was he part of the PTW all along? He apparently has British royal blood. During his presidency I had a couple dreams about him and Michelle, and they were positive and empowering.(I had several confirmations of strong intuition, even psychic abilities). I even felt the positive change in the air. So, now I'm baffled by the ugly results of his presidency. While for the most parts I'm happy with President Trumps presidency, I have absolutely no dreams about him. Can you please tap in and let us know what Obama's real motives were?

Meng Yew said...

Hi Lynn,

Could you please look into The Universal Light church, with its website as posted above, and give us some insights as to how you feel about this organization, especially of its service of ordaining Ministers, and the PhD program?

Thank you very much Lynn. Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Bee E-lightened said...


I am curious about the timing of all the sexual harassment exposure going on in hollywood. Why now?! Who/what is the force behind exposing them now⁉️ I hope its the Universe - its a feel good time that these subhumans are being exposed daily.

Dante said...

Hi Lynn,

Can you see if these places actually exist?

Does Shambhala exist?

Does Asgard exist?

Does Valhalla exist?

Does Dante’s Inferno and its nine circles exist?

Did/does El Dorado exist?

Did/does Avalon exist?

Does Elysium exist?

Does Hades exist?

Thank you.

Buddhist Lady said...

I am fascinated by an idea I encountered last night while re-reading a book. The author says that Terrans, 5D humans, live for 1,500-2,500 equivalent 3D years. The way physical manifestation occurs in 5D, the ethereal nature of that manifestation, and the ability of Terrans to self-heal (coupled with the advanced nature of their healing practices) allow Terrans to enjoy good health and long life. The implication in one remark left me with the impression that 3D humans also have enscribed within us the genetic ability to self-heal but not as fully as in 5D. We actually have, within our DNA, the ability to self-heal. Do you see this? If true, how can we access this more directly? How much can 3D humans use this DNA structure given our denser, slower physical manifesting? I would suspect that, if true, the best approach, as you often say, is do no harm first and foremost. Hence, using foods, herbs, energetic healing available on earth at this time, therapies using sound, light, and frequency, etc., enables the body to actually heal itself. Has this ability been hidden from humans? If people haven't seen the new show, The Healer, the young man heals by direct energy (the good kind!) in consultation with a doctor and outside verification wherever possible.

MorL W said...

Lynn, Could you do a reading on the recent engagement of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle? Why did he pick an American girl? Does she know or understand what she is getting into? I have heard reports of a lady who tried to warn her to not marry him. Is she truly happy and in love? Does Harry really love her too? Was there more than just sentimental significance of Meghan wearing Diana's ring?
Thank you!

davidaarong said...

Can you take a look at what are the factors for some many people fainting on Live TV?

s7even said...

Random questions:

Can you do reading about the mobile phone industry? What should we be cautious of? Is one company more ethical or safe than the other? Is Apple's iOS really more secure than Google's Android operating system? What about Korean phone manufacturers (Samsung, LG) and Chinese brands (Huawei, Xiaomi, Oppo/OnePlus)?

How are rainbows formed? Is this due to the flat earth's firmament serving as a mirror? If it is the droplets that serve as a mirror, then our atmosphere should have a lot of small arches.

Why don't we have a compass that points to the south? Is it because the "south pole" is the entire circumference of the flat earth?

What can you say about the Cohen diet? They recommend diet based on blood tests. It is expensive!

Are the holocaust cemetery and gas chambers in Germany real, or fabricated to support the narrative against Hitler?

Why is the mass media demonizing whiteness? Why do they want white genocide to happen? Will the PTW be successful in implementing the Coudenhove-Kalergi plan? In addition to George Soros' European refugee crisis, in what ways are they trying to achieve this?

Can you do a reading about this cult-like Christian religion from China (and expanding to other countries like US and Australia), the Church of the almighty God/Eastern lightning/The overcoming church? They are teaching things that are different from what we know, like the idea that God has returned as a female Chinese.

Where did the Negrito people in Asia come from? They look like black Africans with black skin and curly hair but still genetically close to other Asians. Some examples: Semang and Batek in Malaysia, Maniq in Thailand, Aeta and Ati in the Philippines.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

The Southern California fires. Who's behind them, and why?

Craig said...

Recently I have been listening to QHHT sessions on YouTube. This is Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique started by Dolores Cannon. I was fascinated by the clients who were under as they spoke about the coming Event, a massive wave of spiritual light hitting the planet and accelerating our evolution into overdrive, then the reset, great changes, etc.

They are all saying independently that it is very soon, as soon as spring 2018 or as late as 2019, but very close. I know you've seen this as coming in increments, but is there going to be one large, massive wave at some point where everyone on the planet will feel something, regardless of their level of consciousness? If so, when do you see it happening?

Also, one man said it would be like a fog of Light that would last for a free days and that doorways would be seen. He said we would have the option of going through the door into another dimension at that time. What do you think about this?