My husband has been making organite (both traditional organite and un-tradational) since I discovered it a few years ago.  More information can be found here

Sizes:  Length is measured from the base, height is always slightly less than side lengths
Small      2-3 inch base
Medium  3-4 inch base
Large      4-5 inch base

*Please also note that these are unique creations and may have slight imperfections. Prices will be as marked, and shipping will be the responsibility of the buyer. Please email me at if interested. Love and light-

(Please be patient... This page is still in work in progress...)

Complete Collection

Complete Collection

001 "Chevron" Steel and Copper BB only.  Medium $50

002  "Diamonds"  Steel and Copper BB only.  Medium $50  SOLD

003  "Maze" Steel and Copper BB only.  Medium $65

004  "Pillars" Steel and Copper BB only with Pebbles.  Medium $50 SOLD

005"Alpha" Steel and Copper Quartz Crystals  Small $20 SOLD

006 "ChainSaw" Steel and Copper BB, Chainsaw Chain, and Praying Mantis.  Large $150 SOLD

007 "Shaker Ball"  Steel and Copper BB, Pebbles, Copper and Aluminum Wire, 6 pointed quartz crystals.  Large $120 SOLD

008 "Copper Band" Steel and Copper BBs only Small $25 SOLD

009 "Lemon Berry Shandy" Pebbles and Bottle Caps Med $35

010 "Oak Seeds" contains acorns Medium $35

011 "Zelda" BBs - Medium $100 SOLD

012 "Layers" BBs only $100

013  "Small But Powerful" BBs, 5 quartz crystals Small $35 SOLD

014 "Naked Hermit" small $45 SOLD

015 "Butterfly" Glass Medium $50 SOLD

016 "Half and Half" BB only Small to Medium $40 SOLD

017 "Split Personality" Copper wire, 5 quartz crystals - Medium $50 SOLD

018 "Stoned Aluminum" Aluminum Wire, BBs, 5 Quartz Crystals, Medium $40 SOLD

019 "Misc" Black Diamonds, BBs, copper coils, crystals, Medium $55 SOLD

020 "Belly Full of Rocks"  BBs, Crystals, Pebbles, Medium $45

021 "5.56" BBs and Shell Casing Medium $45 SOLD

022 SOLD

023 "Diamond" BBs - Medium $100 SOLD

024 "Crystal Grounder" BBs - Crystals, External Copper Ground Medium $100

025 "Crystal Grounder" BBs - Crystals, External Copper Ground Medium $100

026 "Acorn" contains acorns Medium $35

027 "Cross" BBs - Crystals, Garnet Gems Medium $100 SOLD


Gypsycat said...

OK I just have to ask. What is the praying mantis all about? And do you think that owning this particular organite might have a negative aspect if one were to come face-to-face with an alien insect-type reptoid creature and there you have his buddy encased in glue. It might not bode too well for one's personal safety.

YourPsychicFocus said...

@Gypsycat: This was something my husband found in the park- we don't harm or allow our children to harm anything, even bugs and insects. It was done in a way to honor the praying mantis. I also feel like the physical body of something once living is pretty special is that it holds residual energy of a life that one inhabited it. I don't feel negative or worry of harm in any way. Everything done on our end was out of love.

Gypsycat said...

Thank you. I never once thought that you assisted in the death of the insect. Love your site, your work, and have great respect for your words. Still a bit freaked by insectoids and reptoids and other alien life forms. Think I best choose organite without a body in it.

Susan Mcdaniel said...

I love oranite. I made some pieces but nothing like you have made. They are just beautful. Look forward to seeing more of it on your site. And thank you so much for all your insight and posts. Its one of my daily reads and I hope to book a reading in the future. Thanks again

Diane Hamilton said...

Lynn let me know if you make smaller items that can be worn on a chain. That would be great. I love your work. They are beautiful. I got a kick out of the Lemon Berry Shandy caps LOL. So refreshing! :)